Maybe Something, Maybe Nothing

by Soft Touch

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released September 5, 2016

album art by Camille Cardona



all rights reserved


Soft Touch Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Departure
talking backwards
marching nowhere
nothing's sacred
born from hollow plans
to wake up
dreams are made from
drawings on the walls

they show us heart

what we see
and how we feel
can show us what is real
i dont dream
about any
moment shining in the
all you can count on is
your last breath
and more's to come
if you can live
alright with no promise
of new days
no promise of
your ways to freedom
Track Name: Vast
dreams so vast, lights so dim
dream so fast, can't be found

holding on
it's temporary
feelings form
the cost
of fortune
is much too foul

hold a lie
is to be honest
in the fire
we couldn't show
what we have
more than they know

dreams so vast, lights so dim
dream so fast, can't be found
Track Name: Passion
passion molds a fear
it's a folded love
death from above
the mirror's
staring back at me
all the questions asked
a silent plea
torn up letters in the mail
i can't see what's really there
building hope on
shallow pillars
of course the time will
settle in

back to the rhythm of a desperate try
can you hear the crying
distracted minds
move to the time of an empty wish
we don't have the time for this
Track Name: dreams don't forget
im sick of thinking
about the feelings
on the floor
trying to get back
on my feet
and thru my door

its so cold in the morning
and i feel like sleeping again
but its time for work
and im up now
got no hours and im feelin like death

dreams dont forget, no
dreams dont forget
theyll take u rite back
theyll take u rite back again
open ur eyes n they laugh

spending too much money
on my coffee
every day
but it helps distract me
from knowing theres nothing
out there for me

so i drive in circles
around my city
starin out at the trees
too cold outside now
naked branches
dance without their leaves
Track Name: a while
it felt like a while
i seen her
her smile
the worries
around it
the feelings
they're soiled
they're gone
in your passing
your wishes
they're lasting
a while
o i know
the picture is

down a hole
ooohhhh oh a whiiillee-aaaaahhhhooooo

the voices
are dancing
their style
they're laughing
oh one light
can see great
his fortune
is part of what
you areohhhhaahhhhhhh

ohhhhhh ohhwwhiilee ahhhhhhoooooo

they dress short of honesty
the way you wanted to
the people are the majesty
it's there when you bring it to light
i dont belong in the masquerade
cause its worth always bringin the light
no i dont belong in the masquerade

i know the feelings gone a while
a whileeaahhhoooo oohoohoo
while a while a while
Track Name: inthefog
oh days
slip away
and i notice
that you know that
things won't change
right awaaaaaaaaaaaay
but That don't
no that don't mean
but that don't
no that don't mean a thing
in the grand scheme

to fall or save it all
recall a favorite song
the memories in the fog

to love in the sun
too cold to hear at all
at times it becomes
hard to recall

so i walk around
on another day
and the sun and the breeze is feelin
good and im ok
for a little while
Track Name: look2see
take a look around
there's something to be found
in the moment
there is a feeling

there's a secret in your days
that hides away
in worried rays
feel it hold
let it go

there's something you can be
if only
you could look to see
feel it's warmth
its all you want